Tiny Home Listening Session

Statement from Byron Fears With SimBLISSity Tiny Homes Regarding The Feb 26th, 2020 Tiny Home Listening Session

Byron Fears, of SimBLISSity Tiny Homes and Tiny Home Industry Association had the pleasure of being invited to share Tiny information with the City of Boulder Housing Advisory Board this past Wednesday.
The City of Boulder (Colorado) has legalized Tiny Homes on foundation.
Additionally they will permit Movable Tiny Homes built at an approved inspected facility, SimBLISSity, to be moved and placed on foundation.
Byron is working on getting them to accept Movable Tiny Homes on wheels as a legal dwelling as well.

Watch The Tiny Home Listening Session:

The City of Boulder Housing Advisory Board appear to approve of Tinys on Wheels and will recommend this to the City of Boulder, or so it appears.

After the meeting Byron spoke with a City of Boulder Planner and city official who both expressed Tiny Homes on wheels as having great potential!
This was a very positive meeting and Byron in encouraged to keep on his mission of legalizing Movable Tiny Homes in Boulder!
For more information contact Byron Fears at http://simblissitytinyhomes.com/ or: info@simblissitytinyhomes.com
Stay tuned as the ongoing saga of Making Tiny Living Possible becomes reality!

Be Heard Boulder

The City of Boulder’s Housing Advisory Board wants to know what the community thinks about tiny houses.The Housing Advisory Board continues to explore and discuss housing affordability issues in the city and provided recommendations to City Council. There are currently no regulations that allow this type of housing in the city.

Tiny homes are generally between 80 and 400 square feet in size. Many tiny houses are built on trailers and others are built on a fixed foundations. Some are connected to utilities and others are self-contained similar to a recreational vehicle. The tiny house movement is driven by a number of concerns, including environmental, affordability and “simplicity”.

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