Welcome To THIA Marc Hegedus: Builder Of Tiny Homes

Written By Janet Thome

We are honored to have Marc Hegedus join THIA as a new board member and commercial member. Marc is a licensed contractor in Manor, Texas, a tiny home village  developer and advocate and owner of From House To Home.

Marc Shares His Tiny Story

My journey into the tiny house movement came from my desire to go tiny and searching to find a legal place to park my tiny house. When I was unable to find a location I decided to build a tiny house community and solve that problem for others. I sold my home and purchased property to build the Manor Tiny Wildlife Resort, in Manor Texas. In my effort to secure permitting I had to go beyond the local permitting office to accomplish the task, and met with our Travis County Commissioner, and the On Site Septic Facility (OSSF) coordinator at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). As a result Travis County has since written rules for tiny house dwellers within the County. It took 18 months to go through this process before we got our permits to build our community. I have dedicated my time, and resources to advancing this movement.

My work in the tiny house industry began with building the community above, and building sustainable tiny houses for our customers. Recently, I have recognized the need to educate and equip the public interested in the tiny house movement. My goal is to teach them the proper construction techniques and plow the road ahead of them so they can live their tiny dreams.

About Marc

  • Owner “From House to Home Tiny Homes”
  • I am the admin for the Facebook group “Tiny House Solutions”
  • Tiny House Consulting and Design. He has worked with several people to educate them in proper construction and assist them with drawings for their tiny dreams.
  • Tiny House Advocate. I have worked with schools and other public entities to help them understand and embrace the tiny house movement.
  • Working with Andrew Pleban on tiny house communities in Texas for the homeless and US military veterans
  • Co-authored a book with Andrew Pleban, called “Tiny House Solutions” to be published January 2020.
  • Established a new tiny house conference titled “Tiny House Solutions” launching in 2020
  • Board member of THIA

From House To Tiny Homes Services

  • Design Services -fulfilling tiny home dreams
  • Shells
  • Custom, turnkey homes, built with the customer in mind


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