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ORD 20-02S – Amending Title 6 “Business Licenses And Regulations”, Title 19 “Building and Construction”, and Title 22 “Zoning” of the Sitka General Code by modifying Chapter 6.12 “Mobile and Manufactured Homes and Mobile and Manufactured Home Parks”, Chapter 19.09 “Residential Code”, Chapter 22.08 “Definitions”, Chapter 22.16 “District Regulations”, Chapter 22.24 “Special Use Permits” and adding Sections 6.12.205 “Construction Requirements For Tiny Houses and Tiny Houses On Chassis”, Section 22.08.798 “Tiny House”, and Section 22.08.799 “Tiny Houses On Chassis” (1st reading substitute ordinance)


Motion Ord 2010-02S
Ord 2020-02S TINY HOUSES all chapters_Final w-edits 4Feb20 (002) 00 supplemental memo – transmittal amended ordinance- 4Feb20 excerpt from Planning Commission draft minutes 15Jan20
01 21Jan20 transmittal memo tiny houses -brylinsky to assembly
02 2030 Comp Plan excerpt
03 2030 Technical Plan excerpt
04 Assembly Action Plan -Tiny Homes
05 SEDA 2016 Strategic Plan excerpt
06 Excerpt from minutes of 18Dec19 PandZ meeting
07 11Dec19 StaffReport to commission ZA 19-06
08 8Jan20 update memo to commission
09 2018 IRC Appendix Q-Tiny Houses
10 Written Public Comment

Tiny Home Agenda Sitka Alaska

City And Borough Assembly

February 11, 2020: What’s happening at tonight’s Sitka Assembly meeting?

When the Sitka Assembly meets tonight (2-11-20) it will, for the second time, consider making room for tiny houses in city code.

An effort to increase the availability of affordable housing in Sitka was put on pause when the assembly met in January and postponed voting on a proposal that would bring tiny houses under Sitka’s residential zoning code.

Tiny homes on wheels currently have no legal standing in Sitka, and it’s hard to find examples from other municipalities to work from. – In most places tiny houses on wheels are treated the same as RVs. If the proposal passes, Sitka would join only a handful of other cities to apply international building standards to tiny homes.

But assembly members had reservations about the code changes after hearing concerns from the public about the safety regulations for tiny homes on chassis.

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Assembly delays vote on tiny house rules Jan. 28th, 2020

Tiny homes — cute, portable, micro-houses on wheels, arrived in Sitka a few years ago. But if they’re on wheels, they’re illegal to live in year-round. That could change under a new proposal to make the structures legal in some residential zones — specifically, in mobile home parks. If it passes, Sitka would be one of the first communities anywhere to do so.

The proposal was crafted by special projects manager Scott Brylinsky, and was approved by the Planning Commission in January. The code amendments would provide definitions for tiny houses on foundations and on wheels, set safety standards, and provide options for their placement. Brylinsky said houses 400 square feet and smaller would fall within the new guidelines.

“Tiny houses on chassis as well as regular tiny houses on a permanent foundation would be built with a building permit, be inspected by the building department during construction, and then be inspected for safety before they were approved for occupancy,” he said.

Assembly Member Thor Christianson asked if they could define “chassis,” in the code to be sure RVs wouldn’t fall under the new “tiny house” definition. Sitka’s code states that RVs are not legal permanent dwellings in residential zones

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New tiny house code inches forward, with changes Feb. 13th, 2020

The Sitka Assembly wants to make room for tiny houses in city code, but the process to create regulations around them is moving at a snail shell’s pace. At a meeting on Tuesday (2-11-20) the group passed an amended version of new rules and regulations for tiny houses, but now the code has to come back to the assembly two more times.

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