Tiny House Insurance

We want to thank and welcome Martin Burlingame with Strategic Insurance Agency as a new commercial member.

Coverage A – Dwelling –The value of your tiny home if it gets destroyed, including all the built-in appliances. We typically see ranges from 25,000 to 125,000. Remember, if you buy it from a builder the price of purchase is usually the Coverage A limit. Also add any solar panels you have mounted on the home to this value!

Coverage B – Other Structures – This can be anything from the deck your tiny home rests on to the awesome barn on your property. Just put it here. We can do up to $50,000.

Coverage C – Contents – The tiny things that make your tiny a home. Clothes, pots, pans, the 68” flat screen TV you mounted on the wall, the cool speakers, you name it.

Replacement Cost for Contents – You have a catastrophe. Do you want a new replacement couch or a garage sale couch? Need I say more?

Theft of Contents – We can offer up to $3,000 in theft coverage for your stuff.

Theft of Tiny Home – If you are worried about your tiny home getting stolen then you need this! We provide a tracker and while you’re sipping your wine at the next Jamboree you can panic when it notifies you that your TINY is on the move.

Trip Endorsement – If you plan on driving around to all the festivals this year, then you need to be covered on the road! Trip endorsement does it.

Liability – Raging party on the roof deck of the tiny and it collapses! Yikes. Liability steps in to cover it. This protects you against lawsuits!!

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