Vancouver, British Columbia

Written by Janet Thome

We are very pleased to announce that Ben Garratt, founder of Tiny Healthy Homes, is a new board member and commercial member of THIA. Ben is a designer and builder of  (CSA) certified, custom homes, with a passion for non toxic, low EMF, reclaimed, re-purpose and salvage materials. Ben prides himself in taking care of the client to suit their needs, aesthetic, health or sensitivities.

Tiny Healthy Homes also operates Bright Green Construction, which offers design and build services on residential and commercial projects. Bright green is an ideology based on the belief that the convergence of technological change and social innovation provides the most successful path to sustainable development.

Ben has a love of tiny houses and focuses on creating efficient spaces with great air quality. Materials and products are chosen that are low-VOC (volatile organic compounds), non-toxic, re-purposed, up-cycled, EMF-free and reclaimed.

Consulting And Design Services: Plans And Projects

Ben  will build from your plans or you can use their plans that they are happy to customize. They offer tiny homes on wheels or foundation. Shells are also available.


Tiny Healthy Homes has a love for building in natural environments of permaculture.

Natural Building And Off The Grid Services:

Tiny Healthy Tiny Homes can help you customize your tiny house and combine water catchment systems, wind turbines, a wood stove, solar tubes, propane and other products/systems to meet the needs of your unique situation.

  • Earthships
  • Strawbale Structures
  • Bottle Walls
  • Earthern Floors
  • Plastering
  • Rammed Earth
  • Light Earth
  • Cob Stomping


Tiny Healthy Homes  host natural building and tiny house design build workshops to inspire and empower people to build with confidence. At workshops, they  teach and learn with their  head, heart and hands. Students and crew on each and every course have been inspiring change-makers from all over the world. Workshops offer all participants the chance to experience learning, living, and working in a collaborative group environment that is rooted in permaculture principles.


January 25th-26th Wells BC – TBA Tiny House weekend design course

February 1st-2nd Vancouver BC – Tiny House weekend design course

February 20th – 21st Salt Spring island, BC Tiny House weekend design

New Zealand:

March 21st-22nd Auckland, NZ – Tiny House weekend design course

March 28th-29th Tauranga, NZ – Tiny House weekend design course

April 4th-5th Wellington, NZ – Tiny House weekend design course

April 11th-13th Glenorchy, NZ – Tiny House 3 day design course, (with Bryce Langston from living big in a tiny house)


May 23rd-24th Byron Bay, Australia – Tiny House weekend design course


June 7th – Abbotsford, BC @ The small home expo – design course

July TBD – Qualicum beach, BC – 2 week earthship build

September – Sunshine coast BC  – Tiny House weekend design course

Learn More And Sign Up For A Workshop

Excellent video on  chemical sensitivities.                         


Tiny Healthy Homes can certify your tiny house to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) certified (which can also provide similar US RVIA, PWA, ICC, NTA  manufacturer stickers). This means that you are assured a quality-controlled home that has passed meticulous inspections by our certifying agency.

Canada: CSA Z240 RV , CSA Z241 Park Model, CSA A277 Modular Building

United States:  ANSI 1192

Delivery To The US

For Tiny Healthy Homes to deliver, a US broker just needs to generate an importation number, to allow us entry. (Broker is usually between $200-$500). If you prefer to pick up your tiny home in Canada and import it the the USA yourself, this fee does not apply.

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