Leading Manufacturer Of Custom Trailers And Steel Kits

Written By Janet Thame

We want to thank and welcome Nataliecand Damon Deschamp with Trailer Made Custom Trailers as a new commercial member of THIA. They ship nationwide and are based in Olathe, Colorado. Trailer Made is family- owned and operated from the start and employ only the highest skilled, certified tradespeople!

Trailer Made is a full-service design, fabrication and engineering firm. Their team of trailer and tiny hame builders specialize in tiny hause trailer foundations, custom trailers, steel framing and erection.

Trailer Made is  committed to providing you with the highest level of service and quality of construction of your tiny hause trailer project, recreational trailer, your commercial or residential construction project, so you’ll always be happy that you chose us as your


  1. Jesse Ford

    I like how you mentioned the axle configurations determine how many sets of wheels the trailer has, single having one, double two, and triple three. My brother is considering looking at a tilt equipment trailer for sale because he’s thinking about getting machinery for project he might do. I think it’s a good investment to shop from a reputable retailer that has the equipment he needs for towing or carrying things.


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