Movable Wide Tiny Homes

Written By Janet Thome

We want to thank and welcome Joe and Anna with A& J Tiny Homes To THIA as a new commercial member. They are a tiny home dealer in the Dallas, Forth Worth area. They are open 7 days a week, even holidays where you can view the models by appointment.

Texas Permit $45,00

All tiny homes are 12 wide. They require a permit to move. In Texas a permit is $45.
A & J  tiny homes were not built for travel. They are movable tiny homes that you can take with you when you move.
They are wider than they are taller which makes them safer. They can also be tied down.
A & J tiny homes are considered sheds. They can be moved within city limits with a shed permit.
If you have access to land, either yours or a family members, you can save thousands each year by not renting. The money you save can be used towards a down payment on a site built home, an education, or starting a new business.
The best part is you can take your tiny home with you when you are ready to move!

Affordable, Comfortable And Movable

If your main purpose of owning a tiny house is a place to live these are some things to consider:
Comfort – How comfortable is the tiny home on a daily basis?
Do you have enough room in the kitchen to cook on a daily basis?
Is the bathroom large enough for everyday use?
Could you live in a loft bedroom? Would access to the bedroom be a problem? Do you need your bedroom to be on the same level as the rest of the house?

Custom Built Sheds Available at A & J’s Tiny Homes

12′ x 20′

12′ x 24′

12′ x 28′

12′ x 32′ 12′ x 36′

12′ x 40′

12′ x 44′

Prices starting at $3625

Floor plans

Financing Available: Good, Bad Or No Credit

Tiny Home Upgrades

Do It Your Self Shell

Tiny Hacienda

Rental Property For Airbnb

Set Up Options

You can leave the wheels and axles on your tiny if you want to be mobile, or the wheels and axles can be removed if you want to go residential. Your tiny home can be put on blocks, and even tied down. With A & J’s Tiny Homes you have options!

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