Start Up:  Rent The Backyard Seeking Partners

Start Up: Rent The Backyard Seeking Partners

San Francisco Start Up-Rent The Backyard Seeking Partners: No Upfront Cost

Rent The Backyard

Written By Janet Thome

Rent The Backyard- A San Fransisco start up co-foundered by  Spencer Burleigh and Brian Bakerman are seeking homeowners with backyards that have at least a 30X 30 space to partner up with – AT NO COST TO YOU. Rent The Backyard was created in hope’s of easing the Bay areas housing crisis- by building granny units.

Zero Upfront Cost

With Rent the Backyard, you don’t need to invest any of your own money to start. When you leave your home, just pay for the equity you haven’t yet unlocked.

Rent Your Backyard In Three Easy Steps

We build your unit for free

They handle permitting and building your unit. You pay nothing unless you sell your home.

We list your unit online

They  make a professional listing and find a high-quality tenant or short term guests. They will  even handle maintenance.

You get half the rent

Each month, you’ll get a check or bank transfer for half your unit’s profit.

How Do You Qualify?

You own a home in the San Francisco Bay Area
Your backyard is 30 X 30 feet in size
You live in your home most of the year

Your Backyard Studio Apartment

Comes with everything your guests need to live independently.

Is beautiful and radically sustainable – powered by NODE

Is built almost entirely offsite and requires minimal backyard assembly.

Plus Hus pre-fabricated studio units

Spencer Burleigh and Brian Bakerman , who both went to Carnegie Mellon University, are working with companies like Plus Hus that build pre-fabricated studio units. According to the Committee to House the Bay Area, or CASA, about 300,000 of these small units can be built without affecting traffic or density.

What Are The Perks?

  • You can even choose your own tenant, friend or relative
  • Wow- just a reminder- no upfront costs to you
  • They take all the hassle away of getting permits
  • Fast process
  • Amazing income potential
  • Alternative to assistive living
  • Private space for a family member

Article Source NBC Bay Area

For More Details Call 888 350 0470

Rent The Backyard

525 Market Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

Should Tiny Homes Be Allowed In Humboldt County, Ca.?

Should Tiny Homes Be Allowed In Humboldt County, Ca.?

Seeking Public Comments To Help County Decide

Written By Janet Thome

Humboldt County, California- Should tiny homes be allowed? Where tiny houses will be allowed in the future depends on how the county  defines tiny houses  and what codes and standards apply to their construction. The public is invited to help the County figure out if, when and where they should be allowed by contacting Mary Milner, the planner of Humboldt County.

California Definition

There is currently no official definition of a Tiny House in California. However, in practice, it is generally understood that a Tiny House is a permanent dwelling or bedroom less than 400 square feet in size, either built on a tow able chassis (Moveable Tiny House) or attached to a foundation.

Proposed Definition

The definition of the Tiny House dictates which building code or standards apply to its construction. Humboldt County proposes a definition that includes the following characteristics:

Classification as a permanent, year-round dwelling,

On wheels or on a foundation

.A few jurisdictions around the state have adopted local ordinances that permit Tiny Homes on Wheels (also known as Moveable Tiny Houses) as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). These are These are Fresno, Ojai, Placer County, San Luis Obispo  and Los Angeles (proposed, not yet approved).

Why Promote Tiny Houses?

When the International Code Commission (ICC )made changes to its residential code (IRC) in 2018 to facilitate Tiny House construction, its rule making document cited these reasons:

Average US home size is increasing, while family decreasing;

Tiny Houses use a fraction of the wood and wood products of a conventional home

Lifetime conditioning costs can be as low as 7% of conventionally sized homes;

Increased housing cost makes home ownership unfeasible for many;

Tiny Houses can add to affordable  owned and rental housing stock

Tiny House Fact Sheet

Call  Mary Milner, Planner at 707-268-3772

Eureka Is Encouraging Homeowners To Build ADUs In Their Backyards

One of the city’s main priorities is encouraging homeowners to build mother-in-law units in their backyards and to offer perks to developers who construct affordable-by-design units.

There are also 22 churches in the city, most of which are zoned in single-family residential zones and which also have large parking lots, Holmlund said. A couple of parking spaces in those lots can also be used for tiny houses.

“We encourage all the churches in town to do this,” Holmlund said. “Maybe they have the resources to find someone that is very low-income or homeless, have them live in that unit, work with them, coach them into reintegrating into society and then we have 22 more housing units just like that.”

Article Source Time Standard

2019 Housing Element

Welcome to Humboldt County’s Housing Element Update page. It is intended to inform people, and invite community input about current and future housing in the unincorporated parts of the county.

Housing Element Progress – Latest Version

The files below represent the version of the Housing Element to be presented at the August 20, 2019 Board of Supervisors hearing. It includes public input, revisions requested by the Planning Commission, by Dept. of Housing and Community Development (HCD), and by Legal Services of Northern California. The last file is a summary of the revisions.

Topics Related To Housing
New allowances for ADUs
New allowances for Tiny Houses
How Can You Participate?

You are invited to help us update the Housing Element in several ways:

Sign up for notifications
Attend workshop(s)
Take our surveys
Submit written comments
Attend Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors hearings

You can sign up for email or text notifications for the Housing Element update and other topics on the County’s website at: Notify Me

Select “General Plan Implementation” for Housing Element workshops, meetings, and notices.


As work on the Element progresses, interactive surveys and tools for public comment on specific topics will be incorporated into this and other websites. To receive notifications as surveys become available, sign up at Notify Me. Select “General Plan Implementation”.

Written Comments

Please send written communications to:

All comments will be part of public record.

Contact Person for Housing Element

2019 Housing Element

Michelle Nielsen, email:

With Housing Element Passed, Staff Pushes Forward on Tiny Houses  August 29th, 2019

The nonprofit Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives, which has long lobbied for creative solutions to the county’s housing crisis, applauded the board’s vote to pass a plan that, in addition to tiny homes, also includes provisions for a sanctuary parking program and campground.

Article Source NCJ

Bold New Approaches

But there are also some “bold new approaches,” according to the county’s staff report. “For example,” it states, “the amendments propose to dramatically expand allowances for accessory dwelling units (formally known as second units), and to create new allowances for tiny homes, moveable tiny houses, and tiny house villages.”

This comes as welcome news to many of the county’s most prominent activists on homelessness issues. Nezzie Wade, board president of the group Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives (AHHA), said she’s very happy the county has included tiny houses in its plan.

Article Source Lost Coast Outpost

Related: Shit Talking: Humboldt County Looks at Adjusting Compost Toilet Rules Amidst Bureaucratic Tangle

A handful of rural resident stakeholders see composting toilets as the most environmentally responsible method for disposing of human waste in Humboldt County. When residents live away from communities with sewage services, wastewater is generally treated with septic systems under California Plumbing Code, but a group of rural residents are saying septic systems needlessly waste water and energy. These stakeholders are encouraging the County to not merely allow water-less and composting toilet systems but to see them as the preferred method of waste treatment in low density areas such as Southern Humboldt.

Article Source Redheaded Blackbelt

Related: Water less Toilet Systems Ordinance Passed

Photo Credit: American Tiny House

California Tiny House

Written By Janet Thome

California Tiny House- Custom builder

California Tiny House-Owned and operated  by father and son, Pat And Nick Mosley. They have additional  family members that bring  their own unique skill set to the business which has helped propel it to one of the top Tiny House Builders in the the nation.

Custom Builder

California Tiny House started their tiny home business in Fresno, CA in 2014 and specialize in custom built tiny homes.  They  build and design all of their homes in house  and are hands on every step of the way. They have built over 100 tiny homes at this time.

The customer reviews reflect on their core statements regarding their building experience. California Tiny House states ” We strongly believe in honesty and forming relationships with our clients to ensure their tiny house experience is amazing. ”

Vice President Of ATHA and board member of THIA

Nick Mosley is the vice president of the American Tiny House Association ( ATHA) and we are happy to announce that Nick is new board member for THIA !

Forefront of tiny house legislation

Nick Mosley has been on the forefront of tiny house legalization and legislature in which they  have been a part of some of the most groundbreaking tiny house bills to date.

Fresno Passes Groundbreaking ‘Tiny House’ Rules Jan 16th, 2016

“We are the first city in the nation to actually write into its development code authorization for ‘tiny homes,’ ” says Mayor Ashley Swearingen. “If there’s one thing that Californians should know about Fresno, it’s that we are full of surprises. And just when you’ve think you’ve pegged us to be one type of community, we’ll surprise you.”

Some of Swearingen’s motivation comes from wanting to support local jobs and manufacturing. A new Fresno company, California Tiny House, is now building these custom homes for people all over the state. It recently held an unusual open house to celebrate Fresno’s new rules, parking a 270-square-foot cottage on wheels in front of City Hall.

Tiny Homes in Fresno


California Tiny House has partnered with CTE and ROP programs throughout the state of California to bring tiny house curriculum to dozens of high schools, which is growing every year. They are strong advocates for tiny house construction in schools and have breathed new life back into programs that have nearly been lost.

Partners With Operation Tiny House

Operation Tiny Home  has partnered with California Tiny House as an approved builder for their down payment grant assistance program.

Tiny House Education

California Tiny House has a non-profit called Tiny_edu where they host summer educational programs for high school teachers to learn the ins and outs of tiny home construction.

They just completed a two-week workshop for the 4th year in a row, and this time with the assistance from our tool distribution program through the support of Milwaukee Tool North America! Now, these teachers will be bringing back what they learned over the summer to empower their classrooms to start a tiny house project of their own.

Pacific West Associates

California Tiny House  is certified  by Pacific West Associates.  PWA  certifies Recreational Vehicles, Recreational Park Models, Commercial and Special Commercial Modular buildings, Manufactured Housing, Tiny Homes and DIY builds.

PWA is also a full discipline engineering firm including Mechanical, Electrical, Forensic and Structural divisions. Chuck Ballard is the President and Director Of Standards for the Tiny Home Industry Association ( THIA) and is a principle member that writes the codes and standards for the RV Industry.

California Tiny Home News

California Tiny Home News

City adopts 8-year housing plan Sept. 12th, 2019

Acknowledging that the plan comes in the face of a crisis in housing availability for working families on the Mendocino Coast, planning technician Sarah McCormick told council members that the Housing Element is a collection of policies, some of them state-mandated and others chosen through a series of council and Planning Commission meetings and public input sessions, that are meant to boost the city’s housing stock.

Tiny Homes as Second Units: allow people to park mobile residencies (residences built under the vehicle code) as a second unit, so long as the residence looks like a house. Also consider a ‘Tiny Home community.

Advocate News

Fort Bragg Housing Element

Tiny Houses May Be On The Horizon Sept. 11th, 2019

The City of Action is looking into a Planning Grant Program for the possibility of Tiny Houses as an alternate option for affordable housing. Donna M. Kenney, Planning and Building Manager for the City of Riverbank, presented some information and answered questions from the city council at a recent meeting. The council directed Kenney to pursue the SB 2 grant that will help fund a consultant and review the city’s plans and projects to direct them in the best possible way.

Article Source The RiverBank

Maybe Coronado will become a beacon of tiny houses Sept. 10th, 2019

On September 6, our region’s planning agency, SANDAG, held a hearing to give the public one last chance to rally for revisions to the draft 2021-2029 Regional Housing Needs Assessment plan. Speakers from several small cities showed up.

Article Source San Diego Reader

Take a look at San Jose’s first pre-approved backyard apartment design Sept. 10th, 2019

A 500-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment design from a company called Abodu has received the first pre-approval under San Jose’s new program to encourage the construction of auxiliary dwelling units, or backyard apartments, as part of a solution to the housing crisis.

Pre-approval is expected to cut the expense and time of the permitting process from months or weeks to days for homeowners who’d like to add an ADU for rental income or even living space for grown children or grandparents.

Article Source BizJournals

Case of Sherlock Homes solved in dramatic council meeting Sept. 5th, 2019

Puns abounded and tempers flared as the Windsor Town Council discussed the future of a seven house subdivision for Sherlock Homes.

Long-time Windsor residents Bob and Kay Sherlock brought the project forward in 2018 after the General Plan had been approved. The piece of land, located at 260 Arata Lane, has been owned by the Sherlocks for 40 years.

Article Source Sonoma West

These historic apartments near the state Capitol just rented for $470 to $940 a month Sept 5th, 2019

It was a small victory on the affordable housing front. But a notable one nonetheless.On Wednesday, city of Sacramento and state officials gathered to fete the opening of the rehabilitated Bel Vue apartments, a previously vacant and decrepit 1909 landmark building on Eighth Street near L Street, two blocks from the state Capitol.The renovation adds 22 apartments to downtown’s still-small stable of housing for very low income workers. The units are already rented out at $470 to $941 a month, with a wait list.

Article Source The Sacramento Bee

Grover Beach considers application for grant to increase housing stock Sept 2nd, 2019

At the Sept. 3 meeting, council members considered a variety of policy changes and activities that could be funded by the grant: allowing residential projects by right, affordable housing density bonuses, an inclusionary housing ordinance, updates to the city’s accessory dwelling unit ordinance, the creation of a tiny-home ordinance, city-developed accessory dwelling unit prototype building plans, removing potential barriers to in-fill housing, an increased focus on affordable-by-design units, and providing incentives and concessions to housing development.

Article Source New Times SSO

San Francisco Housing Advocate Proposes Tiny Home Village On Tenderloin Lot Sept 1st, 2019

As the Bay Area’s homelessness crisis deepens, a San Francisco housing advocate continues her big push for tiny homes. She’s proposed transforming a public parking lot into a “stewardship village.”

Article Source CBS Local

With Housing Element Passed, Staff Pushes Forward on Tiny Houses August 29th, 2019

The nonprofit Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives, which has long lobbied for creative solutions to the county’s housing crisis, applauded the board’s vote to pass a plan that, in addition to tiny homes, also includes provisions for a sanctuary parking program and campground.

Article Source NCJ

Road Home Redux August 28th, 2019

Against a backdrop of under-construction cottages and a corporate parking lot, Sonoma County Supervisor James Gore took the mic and announced that the project underway was a portent of things to come. The cottages, he declared, represented the first metaphoric sparks to kick off a wildfire of public-private housing build-outs in Sonoma County.

Article Source Pacific Sun

A Growing Number Of Groups Are Flipping The Bay Area’s Insane Housing Market On It’s Head August 25th, 2019

How did they do it? By relying on a lot of people, a new model for investment and some innovative partnerships. But in turning a novel concept for developing affordable properties into a reality, the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative joined a growing number of organizations in the Bay Area challenging the status quo of the region’s skyrocketing housing costs.

Article Source The Mercury News

County Makes ‘Bold Choices’ to Address Affordability and Homelessness in Newly Adopted Housing Element August 20th, 2019

But there are also some “bold new approaches,” according to the county’s staff report. “For example,” it states, “the amendments propose to dramatically expand allowances for accessory dwelling units (formally known as second units), and to create new allowances for tiny homes, moveable tiny houses, and tiny house villages.”

Article Source Lost Coast Outpost

Placer County looking to update development standards August 9th, 2019

According to a staff report amending the development standards will increase the availability of a mix of housing types and reduce the shortage of skilled workers that has resulted as a lack of affordable housing.

Article Source Sierra Sun

Affordable Housing in NW Fresno? Candidates Respond August 7th, 2019

The factors that hold back housing construction throughout California are just as relevant in Fresno: community resistance (the old Not In My Back Yard syndrome), high construction and land costs, a community’s preference for lower-density housing, and strict environmental requirements.

Article Source GVWire

The Californians forced to live in cars and RVs August 5th, 2019

Aid workers say the needs of RV dwellers are divergent. Many vehicle dwellers don’t consider themselves homeless, and therefore don’t know of the resources available.

Article Source The Guardian

Kanye West Erects Domes on Property for Proposed Housing Community August 1st, 2019

He’s already built dome structures on property in California in the hopes that he can address housing needs for the homeless and those with low incomes. And there are photos to prove it.

Article Source Cheatsheet

Governments alone can’t, and won’t, solve the homeless problem August 1st, 2019

Speaking of churches, The Grove Community Church built four “tiny homes” on its church campus in Riverside. It provides formerly homeless residents with living quarters, counseling and job training – all far less expensively than the same help offered by government. But remember, if government chips in so much as a dollar to a private effort, blammo, prevailing wage kicks in and the costs will go up precipitously.

Article Source The Press-Enterprise

24 Hours Inside San Francisco’s Homeless Project July 2019

San Francisco spends more than $300 million a year fighting homelessness. Yet it’s not working – at least not enough. Amid a housing shortage, rampant drug addiction and a failing mental health care system, the everyday crisis on our streets has intensified.

Article Source San Fransisco Chronicle

Key Housing Announces New Posts about Small Space Trends and San Diego Serviced Apartments July 31st, 2019

Many visitors to San Diego are only seeking temporary housing. They still request the normal amenities a smaller apartment unit can provide, that is so-called furnished or serviced apartments,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “Tiny homes are helping to expand options in the housing market. Small, fully furnished apartments catering to short-term rental needs can benefit from this trend.”

Article Source STL News

San Francisco ditches fees for affordable housing and in-laws to speed up housing July 31st. 2019

San Francisco plans to give up nearly $2 million in projected fees on affordable housing projects and in-law construction over the next year, in hopes that cutting costs will encourage new housing development.

Article Source Curbed San Francisco  

Tiny home in Oakland a perfect fit for grandmother July 31st, 2019

For 20 years, my great-great-grandmother lived in a single-wide trailer on my grandmother’s ranch, complete with its own patio and gnarled apricot tree out front.

Article Source San Francisco Chronicle

Family moves to Sacramento in converted school bus July 28th, 2019

The couple decided to convert the school bus into a home to help with medical school debt, and they said it was a risk worth taking.

Article Source KCRA 3

More homeowners are tapping their equity to build accessory dwelling units July 24th, 2019

Is this an answer to the housing market’s growing affordability problem?

To solve space concerns, some homeowners are building accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, for extended family members, whether it be to accommodate their adult children or their aging parents.

Article Source HW

Overland Park City Council candidates on the issues: More affordable housing options July 18th, 2019

Some affordable housing ideas: exploring tiny homes and zoning

  • exploring tiny home builds
  • zoning for small residences to allow for higher density housing residential builds and “pocket neighborhoods” that offer a wider range of housing options

Article Source shawnieemissionpost 

New, development-friendly attitude at Vallejo City Hall July 15th, 2019

Also, an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit, or granny flat) ordinance was passed, resulting in increasing numbers of permits for those “increasing a range of housing types,” citywide. An ADU “tool kit” is now accessible online that takes you step-by-step through the process, they said.

Article Source Times Herald

Came Fire Survivor Moves Into Tiny Home July 14th, 2019

Pamela Lyons lost her home in the Camp Fire, but now has a new tiny house thanks to the non-profit organization “Tiny Homes for Camp Fire Survivors.”

Posted: Jul 14, 2019 5:22 PM

Article Source Action News Now 12

Operation Tiny Home Partners With California Tiny House  July 12, 2019

California Tiny House

Our partners, California Tiny House have a non-profit called Tiny_edu where they host summer educational programs for high school teachers to learn the ins and outs of tiny home construction.

They just completed a two-week workshop for the 4th year in a row, and this time with the assistance from our tool distribution program through the support of Milwaukee Tool North America!Now, these teachers will be bringing back what they learned over the summer to empower their classrooms to start a tiny house project of their own.

Article Source Operation Tiny Home  Facebook

Multi generational housing is the biggest home buying trend- and more millennials are opting for it July 12th, 2019

Turns out that extended family living has never gone away. It’s just constantly shape-shifting.

Article Source Parade

Tiny homes and floating apartments: California mayor’s reply to the growing homeless problem July 8th, 2019

As the homeless population soars in California, city mayors are contemplating a variety of initiatives to combat the problem.

Article Source Big Think

California’s homelessness crisis is spiraling out of control. These mayors want to solve it with tiny homes, trailers, and floating apartments. June 22, 2019

California cities like Los Angeles, Stockton, and San Jose and have seen their homeless populations skyrocket in recent years.

Article Source Business Insider

Tiny House, Big Price: California Homes For Sale June 30th, 2019

Whether on a hillside in the Wine Country or beachside in SoCal, these tiny homes pack a big punch.

Article Source Patch

10 Most Unique Tiny Homes You Can Vacation In July 5th, 2019

n a world of excess, more and more people are turning to minimalist living: fewer belongings, fewer expenses, and smaller homes. As such, tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular, and there are so many wonderfully unique tiny homes that are being built.

Article Source The Travel

Tiny homes or tents? Turlock looks at solutions to growing homeless population July 3th, 2019

In a public forum Wednesday in Turlock City Hall, the public was invited to share their ideas on what to do with the estimated 250 people who are homeless.

Article Source ABC 10

Oroville is the center of one woman’s mission to help Camp Fire survivor July 8th, 2019

The mother of three, working nights and weekends at a nursing home, found time to commit herself to almost 40 hours a week and set a goal of building 10 tiny homes.

Article Source Enterprise Record

With laws changing, tiny homes may have a big effect on housing April 13th, 2016

The first change, in Fresno, California, gives tiny houses something they badly needed: a formal definition under the law. In November, 2015, the Fresno City Council put tiny houses on wheels into the building code, a first for a large American city.

Article Source Richmond Confidential