Maine Tiny Home News

Maine Tiny Home News

ADU hearing digs into affordability question August 15th, 2019

The City Council and Planning Board have been asked to deliberate on an “accessory dwelling unit” ordinance. The package would tweak city rules to allow for accessory dwelling units or “in-law apartments,” along the way empowering homeowners to create small apartment units largely within their homes. The rules today allow such uses, but only for family members or caregivers to live in — and they must be destroyed once the property is sold or the intended tenant no longer lives at the property.

Article Source The Salem News

A Maine couple built their own tiny house, then the town declared it illegal July 14th, 2019

The owners of a 196-square-foot tiny house in Alna may pursue a petition after learning the town considers the structure illegal.

Article Source bangordailynews

Building Codes for Tiny Homes Relaxed: Appendix Q Adopted

A year-long effort to remove obstacles in the state’s building code for Mainers interested in pursuing a so-called “tiny home lifestyle” has been deemed a success by a Maine lawmaker who originally sponsored a bill to address the issue.

Article Source Maine Public

How are small farms surviving? Airbnb July 11th, 2019

While larger farms get by with government subsidies, smaller farms are turning to the rental economy.
Airbnb recently released data showing that last year there were 57,000 rural listings on the site. An Airbnb spokesperson said that from February 2018 to February 2019, 943,534 guests stayed at a farm they found on Airbnb, booking more than 745,000 nights.

Hosts with farm listings earned more than $81 million. In Maine, where the Sinisis live, 51 percent of rural hosts told Airbnb in a recent survey that income raised through the site has helped them stay in their homes.

Article Source Vox