Celebrating Dan Fitzpatrick: President Elect 2020

Celebrating Dan Fitzpatrick: President Elect 2020

The Future Just Got Brighter For The Tiny Home Industry!

Written by Janet Thome

The Tiny Home Industry Association has just selected Dan Fitzpatrick as our new President Elect as of Jan. 1st, 2020. Dan is the Director Of Government Relations for both the Tiny Home Industry Association ( THIA) and the American Tiny House Association ( ATHA ). The future just brighter for the tiny home industry to have Dan at the helm along with the  leadership of  Brad Wiseman, our extraordinary CEO and Chairman of THIA, along with the members of THIA and ATHA to Make Tiny Possible! Affordable housing cannot wait.

”Thank you for your trust in electing me President of THIA. ” ” I will try my best to live up to your expectations in accomplishment of THIA’s 2020 work program. ”

THIA’s Mission

 Unifying A Movement by Developing Standards and Promoting Best Practices in The Construction, Placement and Widespread Use of Tiny Homes as Permissible and Permanent Housing.

THIA’s Vision

We envision a world in which people are allowed to choose from a broader range of economical, ecologically responsible, safe and healthy housing solutions.

Dan Fitzpatrick: Key Proponent Of Moveable Tiny Homes In California

Dan Fitzpatrick  has made presentations to cities and counties though out the west coast on the opportunities for tiny houses and moveable tiny houses as a means to meet the ever-growing need for affordable and sustainable housing. Dan was recently a major presenter at the California Rural Counties Association, the Oregon Symposium on Tiny Homes, Green California Summit 2018, as well as a speaker for the SMUD tiny home on wheels design competition in Sacramento.

In 2018, Dan  conducted a series of workshops throughout California for Green Technology: ”Tiny Houses: A Sustainable, Eco-Friendly and Affordable Housing Solution” and training sessions for California local chapters of the American Tiny House Association on ”Legalizing Tiny Living”.

Dan  has over 48 years of broad executive level management and administrative leadership experience in both public and private sector organizations. Because of his government and developer experience, he has been working with CA local governments to amend their planning and zoning codes to permit moveable tiny houses as ADU’s. He has assisted cities of Fresno, Los Angeles, SLO, Ojai and San Diego on their ordinances and as well as the counties of Placer, SLO,  Monterey and Humboldt County.


He has made presentations to Planning Commissions, City Councils and Boards of Supervisors throughout CA. He is working with several California municipalities with several for demonstration infill tiny home projects.

Dan Fitzpatrick

Recent Progress In Smithville, Texas

In October, Dan was a guest speaker on a tiny home panel for the city of Smithville, Texas in October this year.  Smithville was considering adopting Appendix Q for tiny homes on a foundation. Appendix Q was adopted into the 2018 International Residential Code ( IRC ) building code to provide regulations and standards for tiny homes on a foundation that is 400 square feet or less.

”Monday evening I represented the Tiny House Industry Association and the American Tiny House Association in Smithville, TX, a community outside Austin. A group of City Council and community members gathered to hear my presentation of tiny homes and how they could be incorporated within their community.”

”After a 2 hour meeting and answering many questions, the Council voted to direct the City Manager to prepare ordinances for tiny houses and movable tiny houses in their town.
The city manager has already reached out and asked our help in writing their ordinances. ”

This is such an impressive success, because they were not considering moveable tiny homes at all and Dan won them over with his expertise and presentation.

ATHA And THIA Go International!

”I have been asked by the British Columbia Non-Profit Housing Association (BCNPHA) to speak at their annual Vancouver conference. The topic will be on working with local and state governments in support of tiny houses as an affordable housing option.
The conference is mid-month with my presentation on November 19th. It will be exciting to gain insight into the tiny world of Canada, as they have many tiny builders and advocates.”

BC’s Affordable Housing Conference

Fresno Tiny Home Expo: THIA Is Advocating For You!

Dan Joined four board members at the recent Tiny Home Expo including, Zack Giffin, host of Tiny Home Nation, Alexis Stephens, co-founder of Tiny House Expedition, Lindsay Wood, tiny home consultant from Dreamer to Dweller and Alex Ontiveros, Vice President of Pacific West Tiny Homes.

THIA’s Initiatives And Goals

With our eyes on the future,

THIA supports the expansion of tiny home acceptance by


Working towards:

  • Consensus-based development of construction standards, planning, and inspection protocols
  • Professional development resources, tiny house movement research, and consumer education programs, along with news
  • Collaboration on a coordinated approach to legitimize tiny homes as a safe, permissible and permanent quality housing option.

Learn More

We Want To Thank Thom Stanton For His Service As President Of THIA

Thom Stanton is passing on the torch to Dan Fitzpatrick and we would to thank him for his service to THIA as the President and we wish him great success in his future endeavors. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his hard work as the key proponent of the state of Virginia to adopt Appendix Q which has has gained approval, including the 2021 edited changes.

Related Jurisdictions Allowing Moveable Tiny Homes

Dan Fitzpatrick


Affordable Housing Cannot Wait: Presentation By Dan Fitzpatrick

Join The Movement !

Tiny Homes Rescue : Texas Community

Tiny Homes Rescue : Texas Community

For Dog Rescuers And Dogs !

Written by Janet Thome

Do you dream of being part of a tiny home community and also rescue cats and  dogs? A Texas rescue non profit 501( c) 3  has created an innovative  way to bring two of my passions together, dogs and tiny homes! They have 6 tiny home lots reserved for rescuers/fosters that buy a Legacy Tiny Home from the rescue, the profit from the homes goes back into expenses for the rescue.  The rescue is in a rural area near Dallas/Fort Worth.

Each lot will include:

* 30×70 Tiny home lot that may be fenced in for privacy.
* 3 Kennel yards for rescue animals.
* Use of large fenced in dog walking area.
* Ability to pull animals under our 501(c)3.
* Coverage under our Shelter Insurance Policy (includes adoption events).
* Assistance from Community Service and other volunteers at the rescue.
* Use of our websites for listing adoptable animals.
* Access to our many resources, such as crates for adoption events etc.
* Food and other animal related items donated to the rescue.

Residents must commit to daily care for animals that they pull from shelters. Residents own their tiny home that they buy from Tiny Home Rescue and only pay utilities. At this time, there will no be lot rent. Financing is available. The homes will be on wheels. A lease will be required and the owner of the home can leave-even as it is being financed after the lease is up, though the rescue is hoping for long term tenants.

The Purpose Of An Animal Rescue: A Statement From Tiny Homes Rescue

Over a million dogs and cats are euthanized every year in the United States. This takes place in city shelters that are run by city funds obtained by taxes.

Many people do not understand the difference between City Shelters and Animal Rescues.

City shelters take in surrendered companion animals as well as lost and found cats and dogs. Depending on the size of the city and the funds available, some city shelters have animal control officers. These animal control officers are employees of the city. They can issue citations for cruelty to animals and other illegal actions under their jurisdiction.

Due to the large numbers of companion animals that are euthanized by city shelters, the need for rescues has emerged.

Rescues are non profit organizations that are allowed to pull animals from city shelter euthanasia lists. Rescues are not tax payer funded. They do not receive any funds from city taxes, nor do they have any legal jurisdiction. Their purpose and efforts are performed by volunteers and funded by donations.

Rescues pull animals from euthanasia lists, get them vetted (spayed, neutered, vaccinated) at their expense, and put them up for adoption. They charge an adoption fee for their efforts. Sometimes this adoption fee covers the Rescue’s expenses, but other times it does not. Animals are often adopted out at a financial loss to the Animal Rescues. This is done in an effort to save lives. Rescues save lives, and when you adopt you are saving lives.

Rescues can be a one person operation or a much larger organized structure. We are hoping our Rescue will evolve into a tiny homes rescue community.

Undisclosed Location

At this time, for the protection of the animals, the owner and to follow the guidelines of the rescue, the location will only be revealed after going through steps with the owner for those serious about this opportunity.  This decision was made because of unfortunate events in the past. People have left dogs at the gate in the middle of the night, including rescued dogs taken without permission from  bad situations, that the rescue cannot legally be responsible for. The owner and the volunteers work and have busy lives and although, they would love to help every animal in need, they are only focused on saving these beautiful dogs on the euthanasia list. Thank you for your understanding.

For More Details Please Email tinyhomesrescue@yahoo.com

American Tiny House

American Tiny House

Premier Texas Builder

Written by Janet Thome

Andrew Pleban is the owner and builder of American Tiny House located in Longview, Texas. Andrew is a master craftsman and has had a love of woodworking since he was a child, working beside his father. American Tiny House employs some of the most skilled, dedicated professionals in the industry. American Tiny House offers custom trailers, shells and complete turnkey tiny homes.

Durable And Low Maintenance: RVIA Certified

American Tiny House designs and builds the ultimate tiny home which combines sustainable housing, highest energy efficiency, exceptional durability, low maintenance, extreme comfort as well as a detailed appearance with maintaining a sound ecological footprint.

American Tiny House Receives 2019 Best of Longview Award

Longview, Texas. On  September 24, 2019 — American Tiny House was  been selected for the 2019 Best of Longview Award in the Construction Company category by the Longview Award Program.

Each year, the Longview Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Longview area a great place to live, work and play.

Lake Dallas Tiny House Village

Andrew recently built two tiny homes for the Lake Dallas Tiny Village-The first of its kind in the US, this development is intended only for tiny homes on wheels – aka THOW’s that comply with Tiny House Appendix Q for the International Residential Code. There are two spaces left for lease at this time.

More Details On The Lake Dallas Tiny House Village

Because Building a Tiny House Starts with a Strong Foundation

ATH designs and builds Tiny House trailers that are lighter weight, stronger, and builder friendly for the do it yourself-er as well as the experienced Tiny House builder.

American Tiny House Trailers include:

  • An aggressive Tiny House Trailer design that is structurally stronger, while also engineered to provide a way to construct your Tiny House much easier and faster.
  • Pre drilled holes,  makes bolting a breeze, when securing your framed walls to the Trailer.
  • 1/4″ Tubular steel construction throughout.
  • Access for water lines and drains to be installed in the floor cavity and not underneath where they can potentially freeze or be compromised by road debris.
  • 16″, 14 ply tiers.
  • Galvanized steel flashing installed to undercarriage of Trailer to provide a moisture barrier and rodent guard.
  • Equipped with leveling jacks to support a level Trailer foundation.
  • We engineered the location of the axles to insure a proper weight distribution in order to provide the ultimate in towing stability and smooth ride.
  •  Free build consultation with every trailer purchase. We would be excited to answer any questions or concerns that you may have pertaining to Tiny House Trailers, design and your future Tiny House Build.

Tiny House Shells


Standard Shell Packages includes Custom designed and built a Tiny House trailer, framing of exterior walls and roof, interior wall and loft framing, exterior sheathing, insulation in floor, double pane vinyl windows, standing seam metal roof, exterior siding, exterior door and delivery to your home site.

Design Features

Contact American Tiny House

Andrew Pleban is a board member of THIA











Groundbreaking Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Opens

Groundbreaking Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Opens

An urban tiny house pocket neighborhood is a dream come true for many in the movement. Not everyone can be a digital nomad. That’s why proximity to jobs is still necessary for many tiny home dwellers. Most existing tiny house communities are rural or located in hybrid RV parks, not everyone’s cup of tea.

When I first met Terry Lantrip, he was standing in a grassy, empty lot describing his vision for a one-of-a-kind community. He just emerged victorious from the approval of the zoning ordinance for his tiny house development in Lake Dallas, Texas, inside the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. We met up as part of our documentation process for our documentary series, Living Tiny Legally, Part 3.


Now two years later, Terry is welcoming in the first several tiny homes into the Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village (LDTHV)—features a total of 13 landscaped lots, shared open space with firepit, a community garden, and a laundromat. Interestingly, American Tiny House, THIA Board Member Andrew Pleban’s company, built a few of the first homes.

What makes this community development genuinely groundbreaking is that it is considered residential and intended only for moveable tiny houses, aka tiny houses on wheels— the first of its kind in the nation. It is not an old RV park, but a brand-new planned unit development within an existing neighborhood. Importantly, it is the first tiny house community to utilize the trailblazing Appendix Q—adopted for this specific use and amended to allow for moveable tiny houses. 


All tiny houses in the community must comply with this building standard, be tied down, and utilize fire-resistant skirting. Ever since the initial approval, the big question has been, “what will the inspection and permitting process entail?” 


The city of Lake Dallas has agreed to issue permits for tiny houses that pass inspections from a Texas third-party inspector, or those with a NOAH certification. Further, any RVIA certified movable tiny house will be required to go through the third-party inspection process to ensure it meets the Appendix Q, or reasonably meets the intent of the code. 


In the event a tiny home fails inspection, the owner could go through a variance process with the city’s board of adjustments. It’s a two-month process with a fee of $500 per variance.


To date, two tiny houses with LDTHV lot reservations are undergoing third-party inspections by His and Hers Inspection Services LLC. Both homes need to make minor modifications to comply with the code; they are expected to pass once these are made. Of note, inspection costs start at $350.


Additionally, the city of Lake Dallas requires city inspections for water and sewer connections ($75), and electrical connection ($75). This requirement could change in the future.


LDTHV offers a desirable opportunity for those looking for an urban living experience, with the benefits of a small town. The village itself will be within walking distance to the quaint Lake Dallas downtown, two parks, a tennis court, and the library. It’s also only a short bike ride to lovely Lewisville Lake and marina.


Of the 13 total lots, two are still available. Contact Terry Lantrip to learn more and make a reservation.

Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Backstory


Terry Lantrip is a longtime, small real estate developer and investor with a deep love for Lake Dallas. He has worked for several years to revitalize the town through renovation projects and innovative residential developments. Back in 2016, he brought the idea of a tiny house village to the elected officials in Lake Dallas. His personal interest came to life when Lantrip attended Earth Day Texas, in Dallas, featuring tiny home display. 

At that time, he was looking for ideas for a one-acre site in the Lake Dallas Downtown District that also had a 1910 farmhouse on it. The property was the last acre of a large farm. The granddaughter of the original owner and farmer asked Lantrip to purchase the property when she was too old to maintain it, knowing that he would not tear down the house nor the large pecan trees on the property.


In late 2016, four of five Lake Dallas City Council members suggested Lantrip develop a complete plan and present it at a future council meeting for consideration. With the help of many in the DFW Tiny House Enthusiasts Meetup, led by Jet Regan and BA Norrgard, along with Civil Point Engineers, a complete plan was presented at numerous city meetings and public hearings. On October 27, 2017, the Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village was approved by a 4-1 vote by the Lake Dallas City Council.


After approval, Lantrip and the team of volunteers from the tiny home community toiled on engineering and financing. Even with broad city official support, the development process proved incredibly challenging due to numerous roadblocks from a city manager, with an anti-development reputation. Fortunately, Lantrip was able to rally support to overcome each of these, sometimes enlisting the help of the media for additional public pressure. 

It ultimately took ten months, post-ordinance approval to receive his building permit, and even after the groundbreaking on February 9, 2019, it three long months to receive the site plan approval.


To hear an extended behind-the-scenes take on the development process, listen to Lantrip’s recent Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast interview.  


Lake Dallas Tiny House Village is situated in an old neighborhood composed of small homes and small local business. During my visit in 2017, I was pleasantly surprised by the large size of the lot and the number of trees. The neighboring charming historic house now serves as Lantrip’s office, but there are plans to turn it into a community clubhouse, as part of phase two of development. 


The first phase of LDTHV has 13 tiny house lots. It also features a laundromat, community garden, individual electric meters, and lot rent will include water, sewer, and trash service. Community rules, along with an FAQ, are available here.


The layout of the community resembles a pocket neighborhood, very much in the style of Ross Chapin’s developments. Nestled around a shared green space are the individual tiny house lots. Each is 800-900 square feet, which will allow for ample garden and yard space for each tiny house. Parking will be on the perimeter of the village to preserve overall community cohesion and aesthetic.


Contact Terry Lantrip to learn more about lot reservations and to hire him as a tiny house community development consultant.



·      *Amended Ordinance 20190502-LD Ord Amending Tiny Home PD Ordinance-107709

·      *Amended Ordinance Ordinance 2017-14 Amending Zoning Ordinance Gotcher

·      Village development timeline proved by Taylor Premier Properties, real estate firm

·      Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village Facebook Group

*Note: Appendix Q was previously called Appendix V

Written by Alexis Stephens, THIA Board Member

The Pines RV Community : Azle, Texas

The Pines RV Community : Azle, Texas

Bring Your Tiny Home!

The Pines RV Community-situated among beautiful oak and pine trees, close to downtown Fort Worth, and the DFW Airport with a dedicated phase just for tiny homes!

Escape Normal RV Living

As soon as you pull into the entrance to the Pines, you’ll feel like you have arrived at a very special place. Decades old pine trees line the entrance to the community like friends welcoming you home after a long journey. You’ll feel your tension ease and the stress of the day melt away as you wind though the trees to that place in the woods you now call home. Whether you plan to stay a week or even longer you’ll appreciate the difference between The Pines RV Community and “normal “RV Living. Come see for yourself.

  • Large Wooded Lots
  • Dog Friendly
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Spacious Sites
  • Electric, Water & Free Wifi
  • Cookout & Horseshoe Pits
  • True Community feel
  • Personal Gate Operators for your vehicle
  • On site Laundry and showers

18 Spacious Acres

The Pines RV Community is one of the least crowded places you’ll find to park your RV. We believe in giving our guests room to stretch out, kick your shoes off and stay awhile. Maybe pull up a chair and watch the flames from the campfire dance across the yard while listening to sounds of night. With all the spaciousness of The Pines you’ll feel like you finally found a place to call home.

Dedicated Phase Just For Tiny Homes!


Phase 1 has 3 tier levels of RV Sites. All Prices include Water, Sewer, Trash, Wifi and up to $50 per month of Electric use.

Tier 1 Sites $425 Per month

Tier 2 Sites $450 Per month

“Build it and they will come” And they DID!

From the founders

”With plans in hand, and with God’s blessing we set out on an amazing adventure. We  started with a blank sheet of paper, and 18 acres of the most beautiful land you have ever seen. We Completed Phase 1 between May 15th and September 15th of 2019 and Now have 64 Premium sites for you to enjoy! After just over 45 days we have filled over half of our Phase 1 sites and are doing tours of our community daily! Call us today to set up a tour for yourself and We are sure you will call “The Pines” your home as well! ”

Phase 2 will be underway in January of 2020 With and additional 30 Heavily wooded sites

The Pines RV Community

Magestic Hills Tiny Home Community Coming Soon!

Magestic Hills Tiny Home Community Coming Soon!

Located In Willis, Texas: One Hour From Houston

Written By Janet Thome

Magestic Hills Tiny Home Community- is in the development stage with a projected date to be finished by November with move in dates for tenants by January, 2020. Great location, just minutes from Lake Conroe and only an hour from Houston.

80 Lots For Lease Available

There are eighty lots for lease available. You will be required to purchase a 399 tiny home on wheels from Magestic Hills, to be able to lease a lot. The homes range from $ 40,000 to $80,000.

They will have 10 models to choose from. You will also have the choice to have a garage or carport built. The builders are Platinum Cottages and Champion Homes.

Magestic Tiny Home Village


Magestic Tiny Home Village

  • Gated Community
  • Beautifully Landscaped And Maintained
  • Community Center
  • Pool
  • Dog Park
  • Weight Room
  • Extra Parking

More Information Coming !

Magestic Tiny Home Village

I will be updating this information as it becomes available.

Please call Korey Freels if you would like more information at 936-718-8171 and to see the community.

Magestic Tiny Home Community
13625 African Hill Road
Willis, Texas 77378