Last Line-Non Profit For Veterans

Last Line-Non Profit For Veterans

Free Tiny Home Vacations For Veterans Suffering With PTSD

Written By Janet Thome

Last Line – is a veteran-owned non-profit established to help veterans heal through nature.

Ryan Decker established Last Line in 2019 with a vision to place tiny homes on his 250-acre family property in rural Pennsylvania. These tiny homes will serve as a free retreat for veterans and their families and let them disconnect from the fast pace of life for a period of time to help rest their minds and de-stress. This will be at no cost to the veteran. Ryan even wants to provide a veteran’s favorite food during their stay.

Ryan Decker built Last Line after being treated for anxiety at the VA hospital in Pittsburgh to serve those who fought for our country. Ryan came out of treatment knowing he was okay, but he knew others were not and he knows first hand the healing effects of disengaging from technology and being in nature,

Veterans Can Return To The Woods To Find Peace

Last Line has a holistic vision—to source products from the woods so that veterans can return to the woods to find their source of peace. Decker personally selects castoff, overlooked stumps and wooden slabs from family and friends properties and transforms them into tables and artwork that highlight the natural beauty that was there all along.

Veterans staying on the property will be given the option to create art of their own in order to focus on working with their hands and finding peace within that experience. Veterans will have the option to take their art with them and donate extra pieces to the company to be sold, in order to sustain the property for other veterans to utilize. A pay it forward piece of art if you will.

Ryan’s Call For Help To Join Him In His Mission

Last Line is in the early stages of achieving its vision; we’re grateful for the strong support that we’ve already received from folks interested in purchasing wooden flags and tables. But since this is currently a one-person operation, the momentum toward realizing the dream is slower than it could be! We want to give you the opportunity to join Last Line’s mission. Donate and help Last Line reach the $50,000 goal in order to provide veterans with the first three tiny homes on the property. Remember, Last Line is a steward of the money you are donating, all the money raised from this Go Fund Me will go directly to helping veterans. Donate to the cause, and donate to the Veteran who thinks he or she is forgotten.

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Operation Tiny Home

Operation Tiny Home

Operation Tiny Home


Written By Janet Thome

Operation Tiny Home has a down payment assistance program to help those that are eligible and are in need of housing. The down payment is often the biggest hurdle that someone is faced with in planning a tiny home purchase.

First Step

The first step in applying for a down payment assistance grant is to contact an Operation Tiny Home professional build partner. You will work together with your builder to discuss your specific tiny home living needs and obtain pre-approval for a bank loan.

Once you have been pre-approved for your loan and your builder has determined that you are eligible for down payment assistance, your builder will contact us to request that we send you a grant invitation from Operation Tiny Home.

To get started please contact one of our Operation Tiny Home build partners: Tumbleweed Tiny Homes, Cornerstone Tiny Homes, California Tiny House, Tiny Mountain Houses, Tiny Idahomes, Far Out Tiny Homes, Liberty Cabins, Hummingbird Tiny Housing, Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins, Core Housing Solutions, or TruForm Tiny.

If you are interested in working with another builder that is not listed above, please ask your builder contact Operation Tiny Home.

Who Will Qualify?

The process consists of an application, background check and phone interview. Operation Tiny Home considers applicants without regard to race, religious preference, gender, handicap, familial status or national origin.

Criteria Needed To Qualify

  • You must be pre-qualified for financing and working with an Operation Tiny Home approved professional tiny home builder

  • The purchased tiny home must be your primary residence;

  • You must be a US citizen or permanent resident;

  • You must have a verifiable long-term legal location secured to build or place your tiny home

Who Can Apply:
The applicant must demonstrate that they are in need of housing and fit the following criteria:

Community Heroes:

  • Military and Veterans

  • Law Enforcement

  • Fire Fighters

  • Emergency Medical Personnel

  • Pre-K – 12th Grade Teachers


People Struggling with Hardship:

  • You Live In An Area That Was Affected By A Hurricane, Wildfire, Or Any Other Natural Disaster;

  • Illness;

  • Aging Out Of Foster Care;

  • Disability;

  • Surviving Spouse Of A Military Member Or Public Protector.

Application Process:
Once we receive your application we will review your information and contact you within 14 business days.  You may be asked to provide additional information (including, but not limited to the following):

  • Proof of Identity

  • Proof of Military Service

  • Proof of Disability

  • Signed Authorization to Release Information

Steps To Become An Approved Builder

Become A Tiny Home Builder Partner With Operation Tiny Home

Become A Sponsor Of Operation Tiny Home  Welcome Home Down Payment Assistance Grant ProgramLearn More Here!

Gabrielle Rapport

Gabrielle Rapport is the Founder and Executive Director of Operation Tiny Home, a national nonprofit that assists people struggling with severe housing instability to maintain a life with dignity through custom, high-quality tiny housing solutions, and empowerment training programs.

Operation Tiny Home is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit that assists people struggling with severe housing instability to maintain a life with dignity through custom high-quality tiny housing solutions and empowerment training programs. We are grateful to our rapidly growing base of volunteers and many partners including Milwaukee Tool, Wells Fargo Foundation, Home Depot Foundation, AT&T Foundation, Sutter Home Family Vineyards, and many others.


Additional National Operation Tiny Home Programs Include:

Building A Better Future for Veterans – Tiny Home Building Workshops,
Dignity Housing for Native Americans and Alaskan Natives,
Tool Distribution for Tiny Housing Community Development and Empowerment Training Initiatives,
Disaster Relief – Tiny Homes to Support Rebuild Efforts