Virginia Tiny Home News

Virginia Tiny Home News

Appendix Q-Virginia In The Works!

Appendix Q Tiny Homes On A Foundation

To glamp or not to glamp: County denies zoning changes July 18th, 2019

Essentially, he (or another applicant) would partner with a local landowner, business or agritourism operation and enter into a contract for a period of years where an upscale “tiny home” or other such recreational vehicle would be located on site. It would require water and septic connections, as well as power. While he didn’t have any specific sites or projects in the works, he first needed definitions in the ordinance to reflect what he is hoping to do. Any proposed camps, campgrounds and recreational vehicle parks still would require special-use permits.

Article Source Orange County Review

Floyd Energy Fest: Featuring Thom Stanton and Dr. Maria Saxton July 13th, 2019

Join members of the area’s Floyd Tiny Home Innovators for tours of their hand-crafted creations, an open forum of tiny living seminars, and live Q&A discussions. Floyd’s notable tiny home designers, builders, and nationally recognized industry leaders. Thom Stanton is the President of THIA and Dr. Maria Stanton is a board member of THIA.

Article Source Tiny Home Industry Association Blog

Three Deaf Business Owners Are Building A Tiny House Resort in West Virginia April 16th, 2019

While much of the resort is still in the works, the group has already secured 22 acres of forest next to Lost River State Park. Harrington has already constructed one tiny house, which is on-site and available for rental, and they’ve received zoning approval for another three.

Article Source Washingtonian

First tiny house in Virginia sits in Winchester April 9th, 2019

She says her tiny house, known as the Bird’s Nest for a small barn-swallow nest perched inside the first room, was the first in Virginia. And it’s not just the physical footprint of the house that’s small, it’s the ecological footprint as well.

Article Source Local DVM

CORRECTING THE RECORD: You Can Park a Tiny Home Anywhere in Virginia Beach

A tiny house could be legally placed in any district that’s zoned for a single-family residence. Some areas in Virginia Beach allow for multiple single family homes to be built on one lot, like a duplex. However, even if a builder had the physical space for 50 homes on one lot, they can only place as many houses on the lot as the zoning rules allow.

Article Source VB.Gov

New tiny houses cause concern in rural Loudoun Co, Virginia March 8th, 2019

HILLSBORO, Va. — The Blue Ridge Mountains provide a majestic backdrop to the drive along busy Route 9 in western Loudoun County, Va. Farms and vineyards are common sights.

But there is a strange sight on a hill: seven tiny houses all in a row. They’ve sprung up over the past year about 2.5 miles west of the Town of Hillsboro and they’re causing concern.

Article Source WUSA9

Tour of Craft & Sprout Tiny House at DC/VA Tiny House Festival June 17th, 2018

Tour of 24′ tiny house on wheels by builder, Craft & Sprout at the DC/VA Tiny House Festival.