What’s Your Tiny Story?

THIA Wants To Share Your Tiny Story

We want to document your story. We want to share the journeys and often monumental efforts it has taken for you to go tiny. We know the battle. We are making progress, let us share your personal story with everyone and it just might be the key to help someone else to keep forging on!

Who Do We Want To Hear From?

Did You Build A Tiny?

Are you alone in the woods wishing someone could see how you built a cabin from scratch, without construction experience at 80 years old? Yes, we have to see your photos and rejoice at your accomplishment.

Is your tiny story that you are a teenager and you are building homeless shelters for veterans? Yes- you could be such a great example for other teenagers.

Are you a woman that thought you could never in a million years build  your own She Shed and now you are teaching OTHER women?  Yes-please share your story.

Did you build a tiny for a senior and prevent them from becoming homeless? Yes-love your story all ready.

Did your convert an old bus into the coolest Skoolie ever and you want to show how it is done? Yes-We Love Skoolies

Did you manifest your tiny in a way that is so outrageous you have to share it? Yes Yes – Always encourage others to dream.

Are you a non profit that started a tiny home village for the homeless? Yes- Thank you for your contribution with the housing crisis.

Were you a mentor to your child and helped them build their own home to take to college that is mortgage free? Yes-Wow!!!

Are you a mentor teaching our youth a much needed trade for the tiny home industry? Yes- Trade skills have a secure future.

Did You Change An Ordinance Or Zoning For Your City?

Is your tiny story that you actually changed zoning to allow your tiny home to be lived in full time? Yes-share your story.

Did you impact your city by parking your tiny home at city hall and blow  them away at the beauty of your home and changed laws? Yes Yes.

How has your tiny story impacted the future of the tiny home industry? Yes- we want to know.

Looking For The Unsung Heroes

We want to share the stories of the unsung heroes that have been diligent with the dream of going tiny. There are those that have worked in the trenches, volunteering their time and effort, not seeking attention but have made amazing accomplishments.

The pride that beams on all the  faces of all the beautiful people touring their homes on videos is so inspiring and though tiny homes have been called a trend, we know better. Going Tiny is a collective movement that is making strides in zoning, building codes, insurance, financing, grants, safety and regulation and more and more people are saying I Want In!

I have only touched on a few examples above, so if you want to share something else, please let us know.

Please Like And Contact The Tiny Home Industry Association Facebook Page And Let Us Know You Want Your Tiny Story To Be Told  And You Will Be Given Further Instructions.

Also If You Know Someone That Has A Story, Please Send Them Our Way

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