Turnkey Relaxation Spaces On A Fixed Foundation

Written by Janet Thome

Choza , founded by Art Espey is a Virginia based innovative firm that has a streamline process to create, architecturally crafted, turnkey backyard retreats, customized to fit the preferred design tastes and needs of the customer. Choza uses a hybrid systematized process to remove some of the cost from the typical construction of a stationary tiny home on a fixed foundation. It is a combination of modular and prefab with a little bit of traditional site built methods.

The Choza Team

The Choza team consists of architects, builders, engineers and designers. Choza was created to keep you from having to live through these arduous, painstaking, time consuming process. Not only do they save you time and money, they give you a luxurious space that you, your family and friends can enjoy for years to come.

Choza Relaxation Spaces

Create your dream space for whatever you need, from a zen cave, to a tiny home that could provide a space as an accessory dwelling unit, a backyard oasis. The uses are endless and can provide extra income for rentals, retirement years and encourages multi-generational living. Some of the uses include:

  • Alternative to assisted living
  • Encourages aging in place near family
  • AirBnB
  • Longterm rentals
  • Guest Home
  • Space for a teenager
  • Cigar Den
  • Deeva Den
  • Music studio
  • Art Studio
  • Private office

The Process


You inquire about getting your own personal relaxation space for your backyard oasis. Call us at 804.243.2866 or email us directly at info@choza.us to get started.


The Choza Crew meets with you to learn your design tastes and your property characteristics. Take a proprietary Design DNA test to identify your preferred design and budget. We provide you with a written estimate.


We build your customized personal relaxation space in our factory. Because it is modular we can insure quality, and reduce disruption and waste – this is good for both you and the environment.


We install your personal relaxation space in your backyard. We complete the installation in less than 2 days. If you ordered it furnished our team delivers and preps the furniture.


You walk in and enjoy your Choza. Your personal relaxation space provides you year round enjoyment in your backyard oasis.


Tell your friends about Choza. We appreciate the happy customers who refer their envious friends who want to enhance their backyard retreats.


Get started with Choza

Choza Is A Partner With Feeasy For Loans Up To $50,00