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We want to welcome David Pulliam, the founder of  Compact Cottages in Franklin, North Carolina as a new commercial member of THIA. Compact Cottages is a dealer of 400 square feet, RV certified,  luxury park model tiny homes for several manufacturers. Compact Cottages has a showroom in Franklin with inventory ready to purchase with Nationwide financing available up to 23 years or you can order a home  that is built in a climate controlled facility off site shipped to your location, as early as 10 weeks.

Design Your Own Dream Cottage

Design your own dream cottage with David and after choosing your preferred model, you can customize your home with options of your choice including materials, colors, hardware, appliances, and floor plan layouts.

David has decades of experience in all phases of tiny home community development and establishing campgrounds. He has a love and a passion for the tiny home industry and has a wealth of wisdom to share.

LA Gives The Green Light For Movable Tiny Homes As ADUs

Los Angeles recently followed the lead of Fresno and San Luis Obispo to  allow movable tiny homes ( also known as THOWS or tiny homes on wheels)  as ADUs ( accessory dwelling units). They must be certified and built to the RV standard, NFPA 1192 or the Park Model Standard, ANSI 119.5.

A lot of ”tiny home”  builders are building RVs or Park Models, though they are marketed as tiny homes. The builders usually voluntarily increase the standards beyond the minimum requirements  with superior materials, 2X4 to 2X6 construction, higher insulation ratings and  adjusting snow loads when applicable. They are built to all safety standards, including egress and fire safety.

LA Ordinance

Why Should I Live In A Tiny Home?

 Henry David Thoreau, “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For”
Thoreau felt a need to concentrate and work more on his writing. In March 1845, Ellery Channing told Thoreau, “Go out upon that, build yourself a hut, & there begin the grand process of devouring yourself alive. I see no other alternative, no other hope for you.” Two months later, Thoreau embarked on a two-year experiment in simple living on July 4, 1845, when he moved to a Tiny House he had built on land owned by Emerson in a second-growth forest around the shores of Walden Pond. The house was in “a pretty pasture and woodlot” that Emerson had bought, 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from his family home.
Simple living encompasses a number of different voluntary practices to simplify one’s lifestyle. These may include, for example, reducing one’s possessions, generally referred to as minimalism, or increasing self-sufficiency. Simple living may be characterized by individuals being satisfied with what they have rather than want. Although asceticism generally promotes living simply and refraining from luxury and indulgence, not all proponents of simple living are ascetics. Simple living is distinct from those living in forced poverty, as it is a voluntary lifestyle choice, which is commonly known now as the Tiny House Movement.
This movement has led to the establishment of COMPACT COTTAGES located in the enchanting little town of FRANKLIN, NC.. Adherents may choose simple living for a variety of personal reasons, such as spirituality, health, increase in quality time for family and friends, work–life balance, personal taste, financial sustainability, frugality, or reducing stress. Simple living can also be a reaction to materialism and conspicuous consumption. Some cite socio-political goals aligned with the environmentalist, anti-consumerist or anti-war movements, including conservation, regrowth, social justice, and tax resistance.


  • Detachable hitch 1 X 6 Tongue And Groove White Pine

  • 10″ I-beam frame

  • 2×6 floor joist 16″ o.c.

  • Double 2×6 perimeter floor joist

  • 3/4″ T&G OSB floor decking

  • 2×4 exterior walls 16″ o.c.

  • Custom built 2×6 rafters

  • Moisture barrier vapor wrap

  • Wrapped with 1/2 OSB

  • Double studs every 4′-0″

  • Double 2×6 headers over windows and doors

  • Triple studs around windows & doors

  • Thermo pane windows and doors

  • Pex water lines

  • Cut off valves through out

  • Electrical outlets and light fixtures

  • Custom hand crafted cabinet

  • Foam seal on all exterior plugs and switches

  • Foam seal on every exterior stud

  • 6 hurricane straps (3 each side )

  • R-13 insulation in wall

  • R-22 insulation in floor

  • R-19 insulation in ceiling

  • LP smart side siding

  • 12″ overhangs front & rear
  • 200 amp electrical service
  • NEC-approved electrical wiring
  • 7/16″ osb/tech shield radiant barrier on roof
  • 15# felt paper
  • Galvalume metal roof (29 gauge)
  • Vaulted ceiling throughout (excluding loft area)
  • TRA coded & inspected
  • ANSI 119.5 Rated

  • Rolled countertops & backsplashes

Compact Cottages Offer

  • The Lastest Park Model Innovations
  • Consultation On Price, Style, And Price To Suit Your Needs
  • Delivery And Set Up
  • Outdoor Showroom of models to walk through and experience
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Nationwide Financing Up To 23 Years
  • RV Certified
  • Shipping Nationwide
  • Wholesale
  • Retail
  • Consultations On Setting Up Tiny Home Communities

Compact Cottages  deliver satisfaction and relaxation to families, singles, retired couples, or those looking for a second investment to enjoy. Working with just 400 square feet of space, their team will find the perfect plan for you with their  abundance of drawings and options, ranging from plush to rustic interior.



Additional Luxury Models Are Available, contact David, for more information.


  Compact Cottages can help you  find RV parks, retirement villages,  vacation and recreation destinations, or private lots.

Contact David for more information. Whether you are looking for a permanent home, a lakeside retreat, an alternate to assisted living for aging parents or an entire fleet of homes for your community, Compact Cottages can assist you in your tiny home dreams.

There Is Nothing Like Seeing Your Tiny Home Come Down The Road

Karcher Aerial Imaging

Bear Pen Cove Tiny Home Village: Franklin, North Carolina

Bear Pen Cove Tiny Home Village is a Compact Cottage  development of owner occupied park model tiny homes that own their own 1/2 acre parcel.  Bear Pen Cove is a hidden jewel  in a valley in the mountains, just outside of Franklin, North Carolina. The community is nestled in the woods on thirteen acres.  There are a total of 20 lots and 9 are left for sale.

Learn More About Bear Pen Cove Tiny Village 


Compact Cottages

3049 Georgia Rd
Franklin, North Carolina,  28734