Welcome to the Tiny Home Industry Association.

We have been working behind the scenes forming a new Board Of Directors and we just launched our new website August 27th, 2019, thanks to the sponsorship and hard work of Lloyd Mabuto with Final Touch Lab.

The Tiny Home Industry Association is a 501 (c) (6) non profit organization.

We welcome new members! Please join the movement toward our goals of making tiny living possible and creating building and safety standards to benefit the tiny home industry. We will be announcing several committees that members can join in the very near future. Stay tuned. THIA has started a Resource Directory with the added benefit for members to have their tiny home business promoted.

We are gathering the daily news pertinent to the tiny home industry everyday. On the blog we have started a page for every state and we are covering Global and news in Canada as well. The Tiny Home Industry is on fire and the BLAZE is spreading HOPE to the World!

The Future Is Bright: Here Are A Few Examples

Tiny homes are the Go To Solution for affordable housing and zoning changes for ADUs are sweeping across the nation. In 2018, the direct Global Financial Impact Of Airbnbs including hosts and guests was over 100 Billion dollars across 30 countries. One year! Civilizations that were on the brink of being lost have been revived by creating tiny home destinations-providing rural families much needed income while preserving their culture. Beautiful heart warming story of the famous Yoshino Cedar House.

Tiny Homes- Hope For Our Youth!

There are over 500 schools in the United States that currently offers a curriculum called Geometry in Construction, designed by the company  Contextual Learning Concepts.

Students learn math by building a tiny home with tools and materials. The first year the school funds the project, and after that, the program is self-sustained by selling the homes.

Tiny Homes Are Creating Careers

Seventy percent of construction companies are struggling to find qualified workers. And skilled trades, which includes welders, carpenters, electricians, mechanics and plumbers, have been the hardest to fill since 2010. And the jobs pay well. There are over 30 million jobs that pay an average of $55,000 a year and don’t require a bachelor’s degree.

Article Source Nation Swell

Events Calendar

THIA has started and Events Calendar. We will be adding festival events, meetups, meetings with city councils, Appendix Q public comment stages, tiny home celebrations and more. Please contact us on the Tiny Home Industry Association Facebook page if you have an event you want to share or a news tip. This is another benefit of being a member, to promote your event.

Appendix Q: Tiny Homes On A Foundation

We are in the process of documenting jurisdictions and states that have adopted Appendix Q for Tiny Homes. We have over 20 states listed now and many states are in the public comment stage, including New York and Washington state.

Tiny Home Industry Blog

Please visit the The Tiny Home Industry Association Blog and Facebook page  for all all the latest exciting tiny home industry news, zoning changes, featured articles and more.