Value Propositions

  • Who We Are and Why We Formed:

    We are a unique collaborative of home builders, community developers, and sustainable energy professionals who believe that a new “Housing Renaissance” is on the horizon that emphasizes debt-free living and energy sustainability for all.

    As a result of the dramatic changes occurring in the housing landscape… THIA has created an “action-oriented” alliance of industry professionals who are innovating compact-sized and energy-efficient tiny-home solutions.

  • What We Do For Our Members:

    THIA address the contradictory world of construction standards, real estate zoning, and municipal ordinances that make up the myriad of rules and regulations that have made owning and living in a Tiny Home… well… complicated!

    THIA aims to sort-out and streamline regulatory roadblocks and out-dated community building rules to:

    · Create sustainable “Adaptable Community Codes” for the creation of innovative Tiny Home Communities.
    · Develop “Sustainable Building Standards” that can unify and codify the quality of Tiny Homes built across a wide base of builders to meet health, safety, and energy efficiency standards.
    · Encourage local municipalities to adopt creative zoning and ordinance policies and procedures for the development of sustainable low-cost housing and engaging, vibrant communities.

    We are focused on this mission not just for the owners of Tiny Homes, not just for the home builders who create them, but also for the visionary community developers and enlightened municipalities who aim to create new innovative categories of housing solutions to address a growing need for low-cost, quality housing.

  • What We Do For The Marketplace:

    THIA will bring together Tiny Home Industry Stakeholders early, meet often, and collaborate and create specific solutions on a broad spectrum of challenges facing our industry, our members, and their ultimate customers. We are not just another “industry association”… we are an “industry ACTION association”. We aim to influence, drive, and develop solutions for the marketplace.

  • Why We Advocate For You:

    THIA knows that the emerging Tiny House Industry is up against “traditional” housing development and real estate interests who want to stop its rise… We also realize that downsizing, independent living, and debt-free lifestyles sometimes runs counter to the current “way of doing things”. Change is hard, but it’s happening now. THIA is your tool to help make these changes happen and have immediate impact.

  • Services We Offer:

    THIA will provide a wide range of educational resources and support for its members.

  • Association And Membership Information: